Sustainability Approach

Through Mission Every One, Macy’s, Inc. is creating a brighter future with bold representation for all. We are committed to operating with integrity and creating a more equitable and sustainable future. Our relationships with our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve drive our deep sense of stewardship in how we interact with our stakeholders and underpin our commitment to promoting sustainability.

We proactively and continually engage with our stakeholders on issues that span the breadth of our operations—this includes transparency, product responsibility and supply chain management, energy management, diversity, equity & inclusion and building resilient communities.

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Guiding Principles



We will manage the environmental impact of our business, including our supply chain and suppliers, as well as our stores and distribution network.



We will optimize the positive social impact our business has on our colleagues, customers and communities.



We will continue to ensure strong governance so that we are held accountable to all stakeholders and contribute to long-term value creation.

Our Sustainable Stewardship Goals

We developed our Sustainable Stewardship Goals to align with and advance our corporate strategy and to create shared value for our company and our stakeholders. First established in 2018, in 2021 we enhanced our goals to reflect our more ambitious sustainability aspirations.

Concept Our Ambition Enhanced 2025 Goals
Natural Resources

Operate efficiently and adopt environmentally friendly solutions

Reduce energy consumption by 10% from a 2018 baseline.

Implement policy to guide claims that products reduce water consumption.

Reduce water use by Private Brand’s third-party manufacturing by 25% against a 2019 baseline in areas of high water stress.

Waste & Recycling

Recycle as much material as possible

Increase in-store recycling rate to 80%.

Materials & Fibers

Incorporate more sustainably sourced raw materials and fibers into our Private Brand products

Implement policies for Macy’s key materials, including cotton, synthetic and all wood-based materials, that support achieving 100% preferred materials in Private Brand by 2030.

40% of Private Brand products made with preferred sustainable fibers, as defined by polices for each of Macy’s key materials.

Chemical Management

Continue to remove unwanted chemicals and increase transparency of designated Private Brand product lines

Develop and implement our first Private Brand Restricted Substance List (RSL) covering apparel, footwear and home textiles in 2022, with additional lists to follow through 2025.

Implement a corporate chemical policy laying out our key principles for management, restriction and disclosure.

Require ingredient disclosure on Macy’s website for all beauty, baby care, personal care and household cleaning products.

75% of Private Brand apparel and soft textiles will be OEKO-TEX STD 100 certified and compliant to the hazard profile established in the Macy’s RSL/MRSL.


Offer more products that are sustainable and eco-conscious

Expand the current sustainable products offering beyond third-party certifications to include sustainable innovations, specifically in the area of circular solutions. Prioritize opportunities that extend the life of a product.

Help our customers find and choose more sustainable products, by adding an additional 5,000 product pages to the sustainability sitelet. This will include merchandise from all product categories in Macy’s digital assortment.


Improve social responsibility and environmental performance among our Private Brand suppliers

Building upon our strong company culture, establish a worker well-being culture with our suppliers, ensuring workers heath and safety, access to proper grievance channels to receive complaints, women’s empowerment, absences of any child or forced labor, reasonable working hours and freedom of association and collective bargaining and environmental protection. Include compliance requirements that support a worker well-being culture in our routine social and environmental audits of 100% of our Strategic Tier 1 Private Brand supplier facilities.

Include compliance requirements that support a worker well being culture in our routine social and environmental audits of 100% of our Strategic Tier 1 Private Brand supplier facilities.


Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into all aspects of our business


  • Achieve 30% ethnic diversity at the senior director level and above


  • Achieve 58% diverse representation in casting for gender, size, ethnicity and age
  • Achieve 33% representation across all vendor and partner imagery


  • Achieve 5% spend penetration on diverse suppliers (retail and non-retail) and triple our spend with Black-owned businesses by 2023

Our Responsible Products and Sourcings

We commit to providing ethically produced and environmentally responsible products

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We responsibly manage environmental impact and resources

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Our Colleagues and Culture

We aim to promote an inclusive and engaging environment

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Customers & Community

We celebrate supplier and community diversity

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Integrity & Accountability

We foster ethical conduct across everything we do

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