Macy’s, Inc. continually seeks new vendor partners to provide merchandise for our stores, as well as goods and services for use in our operations. In doing so, Macy’s recognizes that at the heart of retailing is creativity and that by bringing together a broad array of talents, our business is enhanced. This is particularly true in our vendor relationships. As our vendors have grown from coast to coast to worldwide, we continue to see the benefits this diversity brings to all of us in the retail industry. From a business perspective, we know that if we want to continue to be the best at what we do, then we need to attract and retain the best talent, both as employees and suppliers. This is essential to the future of our business, and in turn, to yours. 

Of the many initiatives Macy’s has pursued on behalf of our expanding diversity strategy, supplier diversity is an area of special importance. To assist in the growth of talented small businesses, Macy’s strives to purchase from and support vendors who are certified as minority or women-owned. We work to purchase goods and services from these business enterprises and encourage prospective suppliers to join us as partners and take advantage of our Supplier Diversity Program. Partnerships are truly win-win – Macy’s discovers talented new suppliers for high quality, competitively priced merchandise and our vendors see their businesses grow. It is this growth that is essential for the health and growth of the communities where we all live and do business.

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