Responsible Products and Sourcing

We are committed to offering our customers products that are produced ethically and with environmentally responsible materials and processes. We have well-established programs for overseeing the production of Macy’s Private Brand products to ensure they meet our labor and environmental standards and that our suppliers/brand partners follow those standards.

Sustainable Products

We want to enable our customers to find and choose more sustainable products. We seek to incorporate more sustainably sourced raw materials and fibers into our Private Brand products and to offer more products that are sustainable and eco-conscious, such as cleaner cotton, recycled polyester and sustainably sourced wood. To further drive our commitment and transition to being a more circular business, we’ve joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, which is focused on accelerating and enabling the transition to a global, circular economy.

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Supply Chain Management

We work with our Private Brand suppliers to assure understanding and compliance with our standards for safe and ethical treatment of their workers. We have comprehensive programs to confirm adherence to our standards, identify issues and drive comprehensive remediations when violations occur. Through rigorous screening of new suppliers, ongoing training, regular audits and collaboration for improvement, we ensure that our suppliers operate at high ethical and performance standards.

Standards and Compliance

We ensure that our suppliers understand and meet our standards, both when they join our supply chain and on an ongoing basis. Our contract terms and conditions require compliance with Macy’s Vendor & Supplier Code of Conduct (“Supplier Code of Conduct”). Macy’s requires suppliers to comply with Code of Conduct across the entire supply chain. We ask our Tier 1 suppliers to request that their suppliers complete a self-assessment survey through the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

Factory Audits

We require factories supplying our Private Brand division to be audited by a third party at least once every 18 months and more frequently if any issues are identified. Audits are conducted using the Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers that are “at risk” are given the opportunity to make improvements through a formal corrective action plan process that is prepared by our third-party auditor. If a supplier does not comply, Macy’s, Inc. holds the right to terminate the relationship.

Working Together For Change

Macy’s is committed to advocating sustainable practices with our brand partners and across the retail and fashion industry. We are an active member of and collaborate with numerous associations and networks that directly engage with policy makers on international trade, human rights and sustainability issues. We participate in many of these organizations.

Environmental Responsibility in Our Supply Chain

Responsible chemical management is integral to our product safety efforts, especially as customers increasingly seek information about product ingredients and purchase products that have been formulated without certain chemicals. Our chemical management oversight extends from product concept through customer use. The Product Integrity and Quality Assurance Group, an internal function, collaborates with product-development teams to provide guidance about potential issues related to materials or manufacturing, interfaces with offices and suppliers as needed and oversees quality and testing programs.

Chemical Phase-Out Goal

We continue to advance our previously established goal to develop and implement our first Private Brand Restricted Substance List covering apparel, footwear and home textiles in 2022 and non-apparel product categories beginning in 2024.

Our Conflict Minerals Policy sets forth our requirements for supplier due diligence, risk assessment and compliance. The Policy applies to private brand products produced by Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bluemercury and their respective subsidiaries.

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