Integrity and Accountability

We foster a culture of ethical conduct to guide everyone in our organization, from our leaders to our colleagues and to our suppliers. We regularly share our expectations and continually monitor our organization to ensure compliance with company policies and applicable laws. In addition to a Code of Conduct for colleagues, we have set forth our expectations for our Board in a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Non-Employee Directors and all of our suppliers in our Vendor and Supplier Code of Conduct. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors has oversight over ethics and compliance.

Ethics and Oversight

To help ensure that our entire organization behaves in a legal and ethical manner, we provide annual training to all colleagues, alternating between our Code of Conduct and General Legal Compliance Training. We work to instill our values and communicate expected behaviors through team huddles, the Employee Handbook and other ongoing communications.

Our Ethics Hotline

We make it easy for our colleagues to report suspected misconduct through our confidential, third-party Compliance Connection toll-free telephone line and web reporting service. Pursuant to our policy, we do not retaliate against colleagues that report allegations of our Code of Conduct, with full legal protection, and we ensure that all allegations are fully investigated.

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