COVID-19 Health and Safety Overview

The Health & Safety of Our Colleagues & Customers is Our Priority

Macy’s health and safety standards align with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and local orders for all locations. Practices are adjusted to reflect any updates issued by the CDC or local governments as stores reopen.

Health Guidelines

Colleague Safety

In line with CDC recommendations, we are taking steps to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to our colleagues and customers. These measures include conducting daily wellness checks and providing protective equipment like masks.

Wellness Checks
When a colleague arrives at work, store leaders will ask a series of questions. These questions intend to confirm each colleague is currently free from any flu-like symptoms, and that they have not had close and prolonged contact with someone who was lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Protective Wear
Colleagues are provided with company-issued cloth masks. Depending on state or local mandates, they may be required to wear them at all times, or may do so by choice. All colleagues will have access to hand sanitizer throughout the store.

Back of House Precautions in Stores

It is also important that our stores facilitate a safe environment when they are not on the selling floor. This means implementing safety standards for our back of house operations.

Reconfiguring Back of House Areas
There are back of house areas within our stores where we will reconfigure the space to allow for safe practices and social distancing. All locations will be adjusting employee lounges and back of store rooms.

Additional Protective Measures

Safety Equipment
Protective plexiglass shields have been installed at points of sale where social distancing cannot occur.

Enhanced Workstation Cleaning
Enhanced cleaning practices have been implemented around frequently touched areas like signature pads and shared equipment, including use of hand sanitizer and wipes.

High Touchpoint Cleaning
Frequently visited locations will be cleaned more regularly and visibly. This includes elevators, escalators, bathrooms, fitting rooms, breakrooms, and frequently touched surfaces like caselines and points of sale.

Customer Safety

Everyone in our store is encouraged to practice good hygiene, wear a facial covering and maintain a six-foot physical distance from others to reduce the spread of illness.

These actions will help customers and colleagues keep a safe distance:

Face Masks
Facial coverings are recommended but not required for vaccinated customers in our store locations, except where state or local mandates require them.

Social Distancing
Social distancing guidelines are visible throughout the store. Key reminders are placed in queue lines, and occupancy guidelines are enforced.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Sanitizer depots have been installed in frequently visited locations throughout the store. This includes entrances, escalators, elevators, and points of sale.

Enhanced Contact-less Shopping Opportunities

In addition to supporting physical distancing and heightened cleaning in our stores, we are taking steps to provide alternative shopping opportunities for our customers to continue shopping with us.

We are now offering customers contact-less curbside pickup in most of our locations