Responsible Cotton Sourcing

Cotton is essential to Macy's private brand portfolio. Macy's acknowledges the need for sustainable cotton farming practices and is committed to sourcing cotton in ways that support positive social and environmental change within the cotton industry. A challenge for Macy’s and the textile industry is the lack of transparency in production of cotton. For this reason, Macy’s has aligned with organizations that understand the complexities of preferred cotton sourcing:

  • Ensuring cotton used in our supply chain in not cultivated or harvested using underage or forced labor.
  • Ensuring working conditions are both ethical and compliant with applicable laws.
  • Utilizing production practices that minimize environmental impact.

Macy’s private brands have made a commitment to sourcing 100% preferred cotton by 2030. To achieve this goal, Macy’s participates in the following programs that seek continuous improvement and promote, educate, and measure results, which is critical to its initiative:

  • Better Cotton™: Better Cotton is considered one of the largest global cotton sustainability programs, helping cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.
  • Cotton LEADS℠: Cotton LEADS was born out of partnership between the Australian and US cotton industries to engage and connect businesses across the global supply chain with the leading efforts in sustainable cotton sourcing and production.
  • Textile Exchange: Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the preferred fiber and materials industry by providing a way to verify sustainability claims from the raw material to the final product. Macy’s accepts Textile Exchange select certifications to verify claims about preferred cotton.

Macy’s recognizes it is making a long-term commitment. As the industry makes improvements, Macy’s will seek to incorporate new practices that align with its goals.