Ensuring Compliance with Employment and Governing Labor Laws

Macy’s, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Macy’s”) will only do business with those contractors and suppliers who provide services to Macy’s, Inc. that are in full compliance with all state, federal and local labor and employment laws, including but not limited to those laws governing the employment of foreign workers, worker’s compensation, payroll withholding, safety and wage and hour matters. This policy applies to all parties providing labor or services to Macy’s, Inc.

Compliance with this policy is an on-going condition of doing business with Macy’s, Inc. This condition is reiterated in every significant contract for construction services and Macy’s, Inc.’s contractors and subcontractors under such contracts shall be contractually required to reiterate the policy in every subcontract. The contract commits Macy’s, Inc. contractors and suppliers to adhere to applicable laws and provides Macy’s, Inc. with an avenue of legal recourse should the terms of the contract be violated. Relationships with contractors and suppliers who do not adhere to this agreement may be immediately terminated by Macy’s, Inc.

Upon learning of a potential or actual violation of law by either a contractor or supplier of construction services or material to Macy’s, Inc. or by a subcontractor hired by such contractor or supplier, Macy’s, Inc. may take the following actions:

  • When notified by the U.S. Department of Labor or the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or any other state, Federal or local agency, or after determining upon its own inspection that a contractor, supplier or any of their subcontractors has committed a violation of any law relating to employment and labor practices, such shall be a default under the contractor or suppliers contract and Macy’s, Inc. may immediately take whatever action it deems appropriate including immediate termination of the contract. Macy’s, Inc. may thereafter discontinue any further business with the contractor, supplier or subcontractor. Additionally, Macy’s, Inc. may demand that the contractor or supplier institute monitoring programs necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws prior to the resumption of any business dealings with that contractor or supplier. This action will be in addition to any other contractual or legal remedies available to Macy’s, Inc. pursuant to the contract.
  • Upon notification of a violation of law by a contractor, supplier or any of their subcontractors, Macy’s, Inc. may immediately suspend work under all contracts with that contractor or supplier, pending receipt of a detailed explanation from the contractor or supplier that describes the circumstances surrounding the violation, the supplier’s position with respect to the violation, and a commitment by the supplier to take remedial action to Macy’s, Inc.’s satisfaction. This action will be in addition to any contractual or legal remedies available to Macy’s, Inc.
  • Macy’s, Inc. reserves the right to investigate any potential violation of law and, at its discretion, to suspend, discontinue or terminate its relationship with any contractor or supplier for its failure to comply with this policy or any laws applicable to employment and labor practices, and the contractor shall not be entitled to any additional compensation resulting from such suspension, delay or discontinuance of the work.

Through the establishment of this policy and the measures taken, Macy’s, Inc. requires its contractors and suppliers to fully comply with all laws governing labor and employment. In addition to its commitment to fully enforce its policies with its contractors and suppliers providing construction services, Macy’s, Inc. is committed to cooperating with state and federal agencies who ultimately are responsible for enforcing these laws.