1) Compliance Ethics

Fostering a Culture of Ethical Conduct and Compliance

Macy’s, Inc.’s Compliance and Ethics program promotes a company culture of ethical conduct by emphasizing our company’s core values of acceptance, respect, integrity and giving back. Our Compliance and Ethics program is also designed to ensure compliance with company policies and applicable laws, while guiding our actions towards one another, our customers and our partners.

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2) Customer Bill of Rights

Committed to Treating Everyone with Respect and Dignity

Macy’s, Inc.’s Customer Bill of Rights outlines behaviors we deem unacceptable in our stores. These behaviors include unreasonable searches, profiling, and discrimination of any kind. We’re committed to ensuring that all shoppers, guests and employees are treated with respect and dignity.

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3) Workplace Safety

Committed to Providing a Safe Environment for all Employees and Customers

At Macy’s, Inc., we enforce good safety standards and best practices to establish a hazard-free workplace. We consider safety a shared responsibility, and each employee looks after his or her customers and coworkers alike.

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4) Code of Conduct

To ensure that our entire organization behaves in a legal and ethical manner, we provide annual training, alternating between our Code of Conduct and General Legal Compliance Training to all colleagues in the support business functions, central offices, as well as our digital operations. In Macy’s Logistics, all exempt and salaried overtime-eligible colleagues received training. In Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s Stores, all executives, supervisors and cosmetic counter managers receive training.  

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5) Vendor Code of Conduct

Doing Business with Those Who Share Our Commitment to Fair Labor Practices

As a condition of doing business with Macy’s, Inc., we require that manufacturers comply with all laws applicable to the country in which the merchandise is manufactured, including but not limited to laws against child or forced labor and unsafe working conditions.

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6) Construction / Renovation Services

Holding Contractors and Suppliers Accountable

Macy’s, Inc. and its subsidiaries are committed in its belief to do business with contractors and suppliers who fully comply with all laws governing labor and employment. Contractors, suppliers or any of their subcontractors who are found to have violated the law will be subject to an investigation and, in some cases, termination.

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