Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing Our Colleagues Strengthens Our Company

Embracing Our Colleagues Strengthens Our Company

Our mission is to embed diversity and inclusion into how we think, act and operate.

We are strongest when we are representative of the many communities we serve. In 2018, we laid out a bold vision to advance diversity in all aspects of our organization.  We identified five focus areas, in which we have set specific performance objectives for 2019 and beyond. We revitalized the Macy’s Diversity & Inclusion Business Council, which is co-chaired by our CEO and our chief diversity officer and includes representatives from all areas of the company.

Focus Area Objective Select Outcomes


Reflect the full spectrum of diversity at all levels of our workforce

Achieve 30% ethnic diversity at senior director level and above by 2025


Welcome, accept and respect every one of our customers

Publish and activate our new Customer Bill of Rights in every Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s store in 2019


Increase representation and advance the growth of under-represented suppliers

Increase our combined retail and non-retail supplier spend above 5% by 2021


Build meaningful relationships with community partners whose objectives align with our business goals and our company values

Launch economic development partnerships in at least five cities in 2019


Reflect and reach the full spectrum of our customers in our imagery, messages and experience

Require 50% representation of gender/gender identity, ethnicity, age, size and differently-abled subjects in our advertising by 2020

Our Pillars of Diversity & Inclusion

Our Colleagues: Reflect The Full Spectrum Of Diversity At All Levels Of Our Workforce

Macy’s, Inc. should be a safe and inclusive place where  each colleague can bring their authentic selves to work every day. While our workforce already includes many women and ethnically diverse individuals, we want to include the full spectrum of diversity at all levels of our workforce.  Our goal is to open conversations and foster an environment where people feel encouraged to be themselves.

Our Customers: Welcome, Accept And Respect Every One Of Our Customers

To strengthen this commitment, we expanded our Customer Bill of Rights to every Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s store.  Our Customer Bill of Rights states that we will welcome, accept and respect every one of our customers. It also declares that discrimination, unreasonable searches and profiling will not be tolerated. And it provides direction on how customers can report any incidents in our stores.  In addition, we have increased the timeliness of customer complaint resolutions and have intensified training in higher risk stores and markets.

Our Suppliers: Drive Growth With Under-Represented Suppliers

We are working to support the next generation of diverse suppliers by ensuring they are integrated into our merchandising and business development strategies. Our Supplier Diversity Program is designed to connect more ethnically diverse-, women-, veteran- and LGBTQ-owned businesses to opportunities within Macy’s, Inc., enabling  us to have more distinctive merchandise, contribute to  the economic health of local communities, and help grow  the number of diverse suppliers in the retail industry.

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Our Community: Drive Impact Through Community Relationships That Reflect Our Goals And Values

Our commitment to drive economic growth, while reinforcing social good, is reflected in our multicultural community work. Macy’s, Inc. actively partners with many nonprofits, civic organizations and initiatives that aim to empower and inspire diverse groups. We support the areas of education, health and wellness, mentoring and more for men and women of  all ages, abilities and religions, as well as African-American, Hispanic, Asian and LGBTQ communities.

Our Marketing: Consistently And Genuinely Reflect All Our Customers

We recognize and value our diverse customer base.  Our goal is simple: we want all of our marketing to reflect the diversity of our customers. To achieve this, we have changed our model casting guidelines to require 50% representation on gender/gender identity, ethnicity, and age, size and differently-abled.

The Workshop at Macy’s

The Workshop at Macy’s

Each year Macy’s helps high-potential women and ethnically diverse entrepreneurs grow their businesses through The Workshop at Macy’s, an intensive four-and-a half day workshop. This business development program equips participants with a new perspective on how to create effective, large-scale supplier relationships.  To obtain one of the coveted openings in the annual event, applicants must apply and undergo an in-depth vetting process by The Workshop at Macy’s team. In early 2019, we expanded this program by increasing the class size, identifying new funding sources and partners, and redeveloping the curriculum to address different stages of participant business development. Since we launched the program in 2011, approximately 125 businesses have graduated and, as a result, we have tapped into new retail suppliers that appeal to our diverse customers. We will continue to grow The Workshop at Macy’s to contribute to our communities and foster economic inclusion.

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PDF preview of our latest supplier diversity economic impact report

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