Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our social purpose – Mission Every One – is to create a brighter future with bold representation to empower more voice, choice and ownership for our colleagues, customers, and communities. Everything we do around DE&I will help to make that aspiration a reality. Everything we do will be with the spirit and requirement of action, transparency, and accountability.

The march towards diversity, equity and inclusion is a journey. While we are proud of what we have already achieved, we are more focused on the work ahead. Our vision and mission remain the same, and our belief in the value of this work—for our colleagues, our customers, and our communities—is as steadfast as ever.

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Reflect the full spectrum of diversity at all levels of our workforce.

We are building a workforce that reflects our customers and communities and nurtures a culture of belonging. We believe that by empowering our colleagues to express their individuality, we will more effectively serve our customers and make better business decisions.

Equal Employment Opportunity Rights

Starting in 2022, Macy’s, Inc. began sharing our Federal Employer Information Report EEO-1 Component 1, which reflects our U.S. employees. This reporting will follow disclosure guidelines and align to federally mandated job categories that might not align with our organization structure. Please refer to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion of our Human Capital Report to learn more about our DE&I goals and how we measure progress against them.

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Ensure every customer is welcomed, accepted and respected

We welcome, accept and respect every customer and are equally dedicated to creating a shopping experience that is inclusive and free from bias as we are to reinforcing our policy prohibiting profiling. In 2019, Macy’s launched a unified Customer Bill of Rights (CBOR) across all of our Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores as a new standard of how we will treat everyone who engages with our brand. The CBOR is visibly posted in our stores and reinforces that discrimination, unreasonable searches and profiling will not be tolerated. We take an active role in quickly addressing and resolving any concerns.


Drive growth with underrepresented suppliers.

We are constantly evaluating new suppliers to provide merchandise for our customers and goods or services for our corporate organization. Over the last decade, we have been focused on bringing about sustainable change for the next generation of Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, women-, veteran- and LGBTQ-owned businesses. What began as a way to address needs and opportunities in emerging markets has become a strategic imperative for Macy’s, Inc. and our goals are to drive growth with underrepresented suppliers, set higher industry standards and be a catalyst for change.

By purchasing goods and services from underrepresented suppliers and encouraging others to do the same, we help to create jobs and fuel economic activity in key segments of the business and customer community. Inclusive procurement practices provide opportunities to businesses which, in turn, provide greater representation, employment and economic advancement.

In 2021, we purchased $690 million from underrepresented businesses. We increased brand assortment by adding 200 new diverse-owned businesses online and in-stores. Additionally, we have increased our Black-owned businesses by five times since signing the Fifteen Percent Pledge. Overall, minority and diverse suppliers (retail and non-retail) accounted for 3.5% spend penetration in 2021.

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We have several programs in place to drive growth with underrepresented suppliers, set higher industry standards and be a catalyst for change, including:

The Workshop at Macy’s
S.P.U.R. Pathways
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Drive impact through community relationships that reflect our goals and values.

Our commitment to drive economic growth while reinforcing social good is best reflected in the strong partnerships we have built within the communities we serve. Our impact areas include economic development, education, social justice and workforce development. We are proud of the impact we’ve made, which is outlined in our Human Capital Report and vow to continue to live up to our values through our social purpose.


Consistently and genuinely reflect the full spectrum of our customers.

We are committed to bringing more diversity to the fashion retail industry by shining a spotlight on brands, products and creators of all backgrounds. By leveraging the scale and reach of our marketing platform, we proudly reaffirm and demonstrate our commitment to a welcoming, accepting, inclusive and respectful environment for all who shop with us. Our marketing initiatives aim to reflect the full spectrum of our customer base; reach all cultural groups with relevance through content, context and media; and bring greater cultural fluency to our brand activations.

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