Macy’s, Inc.

Subsidiary List as of March 31, 2010

Exhibit 21


Corporate Name


State of




Trade Name(s)

Advertex Communications, Inc.    Delaware    Macy’s Marketing
Bloomingdale’s By Mail Ltd.    New York
Bloomingdale’s, Inc.    Ohio   
FDS Bank    N/A   
FDS Thrift Holding Co., Inc.    Ohio   
Leadville Insurance Company    Vermont   
Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc.    Delaware   
Macy’s Credit and Customer Services, Inc.    Ohio   
Macy’s Credit Operations, Inc.    Ohio   
Macy’s Florida Stores, LLC    Ohio    Macy’s
Macy’s Merchandising Corporation    Delaware   
Macy’s Merchandising Group International, LLC    Delaware   
Macy’s Merchandising Group, Inc.    Delaware   
Macy’s Retail Holdings, Inc.    New York    Macy’s
Macy’s Systems and Technology, Inc.    Delaware   
Macy’s West Stores, Inc.    Ohio    Macy’s, Inc.    New York   
May Department Stores International, Inc.    Delaware   
Snowdin Insurance Company    Vermont