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Attracting and Developing Talent

To give our customers the best shopping experience possible, it is imperative that we have the most skilled people in every position throughout the organization. Macy’s, Inc. is fortunate in that our organization is considered to be one of the most talented teams in retailing. We work hard at attracting, developing and retaining our talented workforce.

Recruiting the Best in Retailing

Recruiting begins with finding the right person to fill every job in our company and building our bench strength of future leaders.

One of the key tools we use is online recruiting through www.macysJOBS.com and www.bloomingdalesJOBS.com. These sites allow visitors to research a wealth of career information, search for positions by location, department or title, and apply online. In 2009, a record 8.1 million visitors reviewed these sites, resulting in 124,000 new hires for the company. The company completed the roll out of integrated employment kiosks in the locations, allowing applicants to apply online in stores and support locations.

The Macy’s, Inc. college recruiting program is another key element of our talent acquisition strategy. In 2013, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s hired more than 1,000 students from America’s colleges and universities. This is the second consecutive year in which Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s college hiring exceeded 1,000 positions. These students are recruited from more than 65 American colleges and universities to fill slots in the company’s industry-leading Executive Development Programs and summer internships. Our intern program is valuable as our intent is to offer full-time employment to all rising seniors who successfully complete the program.

For more information about our college recruiting programs, visit us at macyscollege.com and bloomingdalescollege.com.

Learning and Development

From senior management to merchants, store managers to sales associates, a Macy’s, Inc. training program exists for every associate.

“We invest in our company by developing our associates, and that means continual training,” said David Clark, Macy’s, Inc. executive vice president for human resources. “It’s part of our You Count value. There is a good return on our investment in that our associates feel valued and respected, feel capable in doing their jobs and want to stay with us.”

From the acclaimed Leadership Institute for senior executives to classroom courses, and via distance or computer-based learning, the education available to our employees is diverse. All associates complete a program that introduces them to the company, the vision, the brand values, the core customer and the four business priorities, as well as a course on the company’s position on diversity and inclusion.

Experience has proven that well-trained, motivated employees achieve success for themselves, their teams and for the organization as a whole. In fact, we believe so firmly in “Growing People Who Grow the Business” that we’ve trademarked the phrase.

Leadership Institute

Macy’s, Inc. is known for having very strong leadership development; the company has been described as the “Harvard of Retailing.” We believe that great leadership equals great performance, and the company has an exceptional reputation for providing meaningful training and giving people lots of responsibility early in their careers.

For senior executives, we created the Leadership Institute - an award-winning “corporate university” - to strengthen leadership and business management skills of our top 2,000 executives. Introduced in 1999, the Leadership Institute has been highly successful in honing the skills of store managers, divisional merchandise managers, support equivalents and their managements.

“Lessons learned from the Leadership Institute are invaluable,” said Terry Lundgren, Macy’s, Inc. chairman and chief executive officer. “Besides the strong partnerships that are developed, participants learn how to become better managers, which helps drive the business. The best executives are those who can pick good people, help them grow and allow them to operate independently so that, collectively, we can get the job done.”